Tips to treat Thyroid through Naturopathy

Dr Neetu Jain

Tips to treat Thyroid through Naturopathy:

Thyroid has become a common problem these days. There are ways to cure this problem through Naturopathy without any medicine.

Dr Neetu Jain gives tips to treat Thyroid through Naturopathy:

1. Have Coriander water in the morning
2. Avoid citric food
3. Follow Enema procedure for cleaning of stomach
4. Go for Mud Therapy
5. Practice Kunjal and Jal Neti
6. Try Hot and Cold Compress on neck
7. Do Neck massage
8. Yog like Ujjay Pranayam, Sinhasana etc. are very helpful

Dr Neetu Jain, Naturopath has been treating various diseases/health issues including Thyroid, Obesity, PCOD, etc. through natural resources.

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