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Mohua Chinappa

A Podcaster who dons several hats!

Mohua Chinappa  is a vivacious  host of ‘The MoodyMoAwaazPodcast’. She is a role model to several young girls.    Mohua is passionate about providing a platform to the interesting, revolutionary, ambitious, rebellious, unheard or underappreciated voices, in their own words, raw and unfiltered. Mohua is also soon going to launch her book ‘Knotted Shadows’ focussing on issues related to migration and gender.

Mohua’s journey has been a mixed bag of shouldering responsibilities in leadership positions with well known corporates to stay-at-home mother, who has bravely fought a debilitating auto immune disorder for almost 10 years. In 2018 she fought back to revive her career and now with a mission to address the issues, challenges faced by women, she is in a contented mode.

I enjoyed chatting with her about her journey of life . We had an informal chat where she shared key tips that help her to fulfill all her roles in a peaceful manner and the dreams she nurtures …

Firstly, tell me how has been your journey so far?
My journey was rife with age not on my side, self doubt, uncertainty and an unfamiliarity mixed with fear, of the changing world. But the passion was riding high within me to create my niche in the world of writing, podcasting and clicking male boudoir photographs. An area that very few women has ventured in. I believe as a feminist, equality of all genders must be respected. I strive hard to not be biased.
I am still taking baby steps as the world is younger on the internet and keeping up with trends was never my thing. So I sometimes worry how I would be perceived? But that thought lasts exactly 10 seconds. So I think I am ready to go.


tips that works the best  to maintain work life balance?

# Please encourage, trust and respect your core team at work.

#Enjoy your place of work like it is your kindergarten playground.

#Please maintain a routine that you follow diligently that will make your life at work easier.

#Trust your instincts with people. They are barely ever wrong.

#Please enjoy your coffee break. Don’t forget to organise the team lunch and appreciate every little win made by the team.


Your stress busters? How do you like to rejuvenate and recharge and de-stress?

I listen to classical music a lot. I talk to my childhood best friend every evening during my walk in the park. I try to not compare myself with others and this helps me stay calm and cool in life.


Your message  to youngsters on Time Management/ Hobby Management/ Profession Management?

#Work with deadlines.

#Seek more work.

#Break out of your fears and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.


What dreams remain to be fulfilled?

To publish books about my personal journey and how I overcame my fear to reboot and my auto immune disease.


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