Spa Therapies Based on Zodiac Signs !

Linda Goodman used to be my favourite book at one point of time. How exciting it was to flip through pages of zodiac signs compatibility.

Did I know then that zodiac signs can also have specific spa therapies???? Here also compatibility matters!

So if you thought zodiac signs are considered significant for giant steps like starting a new business venture or tying the knot, think again. For now, we have gone far beyond as we are relating the zodiac signs with wellness and beauty as well.

Based on age old philosophy of planetary movements and their affect on the body, this concept is gaining prominence.

For instance, many people suffer from chronic back problems. Astrologers opine that some star signs induce a natural inclination to suffer from such problems. Here, a spa treatment providing holistic treatment for the spine/back muscles would make more sense.

Experts say, “One must remember that each sign of the zodiac has its own preferences when it comes to the various aspects of a spa experience. Everything, from the massage techniques offered, the choice of aromatherapy to specific body parts benefiting from the healing and balancing treatments, will depend on the recipient’s zodiac sign.”

For instance, the water sign Cancer will gravitate towards any type of hydrotherapy and the healing herbal aroma for Cancer will be chamomile, jasmine, lemon, lily, sandalwood, rose, cardamom etc. Whereas for the earth sign Virgo, all treatments that promote purification will appeal immensely. Their healing herbal aromas will be caraway, dill, fennel, honeysuckle, lemon balm, oak moss, patchouli.

Rasi – The Zodiac Spa & Salon in Mumbai specializes in therapies according to zodiac signs. “People buy personal items like cars, jewellery, almost everything according to their sun sign, so why should wellness treatments be any different?” says the young enterpreneur, Tabeer Amrohi who has set up the Rasi Spa.  Along with her panel of astrologers, Tabeer has  put together therapies according to traits of every star sign. “We see a direct relationship between the body and one’s sun sign. Through this we can arrive at things like your favourite fragrance, areas of special attention and more.”


Tatha is another wellness outfit which offers customized treatments according to zodiac signs.

Says Divita Kanoria, Chief Wellness Officer, Tatha,

“Each one of us is ruled by a particular zodiac sign, which also influences our well being. We understand the areas which require special attention, of that particular zodiac sign and customize our treatment and essential oils, accordingly. This way the person is treated holistically and benefits are long term.”

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