neoVeda Spa The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa , New Delhi

Spanning 7000 sq. ft., the exclusive neoVeda is truly a haven of peace and tranquility. As you enter the elegant space, a whiff of exotic aromas, essential oils, spice and floral fragrances, tend to enhance and optimize the total “mind-body experience” and peel away the layers of daily stress. Contemporary ambience, modern and chic designs, warm earthy and calming aqua tones warmly welcomes you.
neoVeda Spa offers luxurious collection of time-tested ancient and traditional healing remedies and treatments whilst incorporating the latest international wellness trends to provide the guest an authentic and holistic experience. The signature therapies like neoVeda Journey, neoVeda Signature, Energy Equalizer with Volcanic Hot Stone, Vedic Journey and THE MET Indulgence are a combination of beauty concepts of the ancient India and modern research. Walk in and explore a world especially devoted to awakening your senses and giving you SIMPLY DIVINE experience.

Conversation with Jayan A Narayanana,
Spa Manager , neoVeda Spa

USP of your Spa……………

neoVeda Spa is the only Spa to be based on the concept of new Ayurveda that encapsulates the time-honoured powers of Ayurveda with a modern influence to heal and restore, relax and invigorate. neoVeda Spa is a perfect blend of Eastern and Western approach towards healing and beauty practices.

Centrally and strategically located at Connaught Place, New Delhi’s premier business and shopping district and has easy access from International and Domestic Airport, New Delhi Railway Station and walking distance access to Airport Express Line’s Metro Station, is it’s another USP.

Spa menu is very extensive and innovative. It offers unique techniques like aroma therapy, stone therapy, and incorporates products like honey, cocoa butter, chocolate, fruits into the offerings. It also lets guests indulge in organic and natural beauty and wellness treatments using natural substances like sea-weed, jasmine, wild-rose, salt, sandalwood and many more.

neoVeda Spa has its own range of exclusive products like bath gels, body lotions, face masks and massage oils that are developed and tested by our own experts and are PETA certified apart from their unique properties as follows :
a) NO- Paraben
b) NO- Silicone
c) NO- Sulphite
d) NO-Mineral Oils
e) NO- Triethanolamine
f) NO- Phenoxyethanol

It is also one of the few Spas to have dedicated ‘Online Spa Reservation Box’ on Hotel’s official website, wherein, residential and non-residential guests of the Hotel can make guaranteed Spa treatment reservation with instant confirmation.

Lastly, neoVeda Spa incorporates the latest buzz, Health/Medical Spa, wherein, guests does not get pampered, but also treated with holistic treatment, i.e., a combination of both beauty, as well as therapeutic programs.

What do you enjoy most about being a Spa Director?

Being a Spa Manager, I love the fact that after a wholesome unique experience, guests get relief from stress, their day-to-day issues and are able to enjoy some ‘me’ time here. Also, that I am able to learn & go deeper on topics like, Ayurveda, natural ingredients, its benefits, etc.

On customized treatments……….
We can customize treatments based on guest’s needs, befitting the season and occasion apart from the wide menu that neoVeda Spa has to offer.

favorite treatment ……
There are few signature therapies which I would like to recommend like ‘neoVeda Journey’; ‘neoVeda Signature’ -Balancing of the senses; ‘Vedic Journey’; Energy Equalizer with Volcanic Hot Stones; “Active Calming and Soothing Facial” ; “Udvartina Body Scrub” ; as they offer a complete sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

But my favourite is ‘Kalari massage’. It is a traditional Ayurvedic massage for stimulating vital points. This is a traditional Ayurvedic massage using herb infused ayurvedic oils, performed by the therapist using hand and feet, applying appropriate pressure to specific vital points/parts of the body. Kalari massage not only relieves back pain, stiffness and sports injuries but also stimulates various bodily organs and systems. The massage stimulates or generates the energy resources and helps the flow of vital energy in the individual. It removes blockages form the ‘marma’ points giving physical and psychological relaxation and strength forward with Udvartina scrub for longer lasting suntan, shed those dead layers of skin with a thorough body exfoliation using an age-old Ayurveda formula renowned for its strong herbal anti-oxidants. This treatment cleanses and invigorates the body and leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and saturated with anti-oxidants.

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