Hot Seat – DILDEEP KALRA – Founder & Promoter, StyleHorn Director, Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.

“Just believe in yourself and be positive. Self-belief is very important to succeed”

It is such a pleasure to meet Dildeep Kalra and talk to her. Always pleasing and full of ideas, Dildeep is a self-motivated lady .

Dildeep has launched ultra-chic Mobile App – ‘StyleHorn’. Pictorial representation of various luxury retail brands, new-age trends, like-minded fashion enthusiasts and styling experts on the app, promise a uniquely new experience and she is set to create a great buzz in the fashion industry.

Read my interview with her. Let me know if you enjoyed going through it:

The perfect whiff of everything fashion, Dildeep Kalra’s style quotient is as massive as the portfolio that she directs. Her selection of designer heels, statement bags and impeccable fragrances lend an aura of dynamical strength and introduce her bent for all things nice. The pleasingly satiated face behind the successful Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. and the man behind it – Zorawar Kalra, is that of an articulate, intelligent and self-motivated lady. Her foresight, strong business acumen and a meticulous eye for detail makes Dildeep Kalra a visionary, who impresses and earns her commendable position as the Director of Massive Restaurants.

With a penchant for fashion, design and visual merchandising, she brings her sense of art to the Indian and International F&B retail market. Ready to share her expertise in the world of fashion, she furthers her love for catwalk approved styles by launching her ultra-chic mobile app – StyleHorn which endeavours to redefine the way everyone experiences fashion.

What is your philosophy of life?
My philosophy is based on being kind, generous and honest. All experiences in life teaches so much and shapes what you are.

What is your passion in life?
My husband and i travel all across the world along with our chefs to try various cuisines and what all possibly we can do try with various ingredients. Also, I am passionate about making my own venture, Stylehorn, reach a successful stage.

What is your Management Mantra?
Develop leaders from within.

The Business Leader you admire the most?
Indra Nooyi, Arianna Huffington and Jack Ma.

Your Strength ?
My family is my strength

Your Weakness ?
My family is my weakness

Your kind of music?

Your favourite holiday destination ?
The countries I truly love are Japan and Spain as they also offer so much of variety of food.

Golf or Bridge Or…..?

You are a ‘Tough’, Serious boss or ….?
I am tough only when situation demands me to be but usually I am an approachable boss.

What do you enjoy the most in life, generally?
Reading, painting, cooking and singing. I love to try my hand at exotic dishes and experiment with various ingredients.

Your ‘mantra’ for success?
Just believe in yourself and be positive. Self-belief is very important to succeed

10 years from now, where do we see you?
Having been instrumental in building Massive Restaurants as an enviable brand across the Indian hospitality space today, I have recently ventured out as an independent entrepreneur with the launch of my ultra-chic mobile application – StyleHorn which endeavours to redefine the way everybody experiences fashion. The idea behind StyleHorn is to delineate luxury retail, curating first hand experiences for its audience, where users share personal experiences, through pictorial representation of various luxury retail brands they purchase, also follow new-age trends/ like minded fashion enthusiasts/ styling experts on the app.

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