Home Décor Philosophy Of Raseel Gujral Ansal, Founder and Creative Director at Casa Pop & Casa Paradox

“I prefer to ‘Not Follow’ but to set new architecture and interior design trends”

Conversation with Raseel Gujral …..

Philosophy On ‘out of the box’ home décor ideas…

The same way as for life, a home is not meant to be monotonous and tedious. After all, it is your home so you have the supreme power of styling it the way you want.
Go for Out of the box home décor and quirky designs and “jazz up” your interiors in a meaningful way. Why settle for ordinary when you can spruce up your home with beautiful “out of the box” designs, exciting wall papers, captivating objects and a vibrant colour palette!

On Your Inspiration

My love for artistic designs and my insatiable appetite for creativity literally flow in my blood. My own career reflects an unconventional evolution trajectory across various creative disciplines. I thrive on non conformal and creative thinking.
As an architect and interior designer, what brings me the most joy aside from my family, is witnessing my cutting-edge prints and quirky product designs blossom into multiple mediums that convey artful and stylish aesthetics. My style and ideas are constantly breaking away from the traditional, the customary and the predictable.

Your mantra …

I have a compulsive urge to innovate and explore new avenues in crafting artistic designs. Consequently, I prefer to ‘Not Follow’ but to set new architecture and interior design trends through what I like to call an “unboxed” mindset. Both of my brands – ‘Casa Paradox’ and ‘Casa Pop’ embody this philosophy and some of my designs are often designated as pioneering trends establishing a point of inspiration.
In all my ventures, I break away from the predictable to present a fresh perspective and a distinctive take on design settling only for extraordinary.

Key ideas from my quirky designs……

• Out of the Closet, my tongue-in-cheek take on the traditional vanity.
• Shanghai Pop. This collection is a tribute to drama and surrealism. A story painted in a potpourri of chromatic colour hues.
• Urban Jungle
• Secret Garden

What works best…..

• It is all in the details! An important point to remember while decorating any space is that you must preserve your individuality.
• Statement wall-art pieces, bright, colourful furniture that exudes a positive vibe, vintage trunks are perfect picks.
• Think decorative pieces drenched in pastels and bright colours with a lot of florals is an easy way to brighten a space.
• Fill up empty spaces with accent furniture pieces will make that a statement.
• Last, do not underestimate the simplicity of breathable space. It is recommended to avoid adding too much noise and too many elements to open spaces.


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