Chef Of The Week – Chef Harangad Singh

Chef Harangad Singh
Chef & Founder – Parat

Culinary Rockstar!

I have known Chef Harangad for a very longtime and I am so fond of him, admire him for his talent and humble demeanour. He has a flair for turning around any recipe into an interesting dish with impeccable presentation.
He started his culinary journey after graduating in Hotel Management and working as a Commis for 3 years, enrolled at the Taj’s Culinary Management training program. Here, he learnt the basics of cooking as well as the different techniques involved in cooking. Passion for innovation is one ingredient that this dynamic chef brings in abundance and one that can truly be the most important aspect of his culinary career.

Recipient of several prestigious Awards, Chef Harangad specializes in Indian cuisine, and over the years he has been able to carve a niche for himself in classic, innovative and Nostalgic Indian food which focuses on freshness, the use of local ingredients and most importantly feeds the diner and not only impresses them with theory. His formative years at Taj Vivanta Bengaluru and Varq at the Taj Mahal Delhi and Tres Dubai working under perhaps some of the finest chefs helped groom his style and concept of the cuisine. Above all, he believes in honest-to-goodness taste.
Chef Harangad has travelled extensively across the country to entrench himself in the various elements of regional Indian and Nostalgic cooking. Inspirations from diverse flavours of India, the bounty of Delhi markets and where his passion stemmed from aka his palate, all reflect in the previous restaurants that is Prankster and PraPra Prank at Biggie Hospitality where he was the Corporate Chef. ‘Parat’ is his first venture as an entrepreneur… and he aims to take ‘Parat’ on the global map beyond borders at all international platforms. Confident of cracking a ‘Michelin’ 10 years from now, he is one chef to Watch Out!

I wish him all the best and here are excerpts of my chat with him :

How do you define yourself?
I see myself as representing my country on global culinary map.

What is your philosophy of cooking?
My philosophy is to create a drug, once you will try then you will become an addict to my ‘Parat’ (‘Layers’) of flavour.

What is your area of expertise?
I have done my specialization in Middle Eastern and Awadhi. Currently I’m delving in ‘Evolved Indian Cuisine’.

Had you not been doing this then what?
I would have been the ‘Sexiest Bartender’ of this planet because my creative instincts come from bar!!

What is your source of inspiration?
Nature is my source of inspiration. Every living thing made by God inspires me as there is creativity in everything around me. Every creation of God tells me that creativity is limitless.

What has been the most rewarding moment in your career?
When I received the ‘Big F – Best Young Chef 2019’ special award by Chef Ranveer Brar.

What prepared you the most for your career?

The magic of flavours always keep me excited to create flavours touching all the senses.

Your Strength?
Acceptance is my strength

Your Weakness ?
My excitement is my weakness.

How do you de-stress yourself?
Spending time with my dogs makes me believe that yes God is always there and they calm me down.

How do you rate yourself as a chef?
Let the food decide my ratings.

Chef Harangad’s Favs

Fav cuisine?

Fav spice ?

Fav dish?

Fav equipment?

Fav restaurant/food joint ?

Your Hot selling item?
Tawa BhunaChaap

The Best Compliment You Have Received ?
A Magician with Chef’s Hat!


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